About Vector Group Fund 1

Our Approach

At Vector Group Holdings, we seek true partnerships and mutual alignment of interests. We respect your entrepreneurial dedication and understand that your business is also your legacy. We are very selective in our approach and seek exceptional partnerships to accelerate growth and create value.

With our extensive experience in deal making, strategic, operational, and industry specific knowledge, we aim to obtain exceptional results for our investors in a healthcare services company.

Investment Thesis

The healthcare services industry faces significant industry-specific challenges, as well as meaningful demographic changes. Our operational focus will be on healthcare services companies, harnessing technological advancements and increasing sophisticated offerings to grow a company. We will initially be tageting revenue cycle management, healthcare SaaS, and home health services copanies. We plan to expand revenue streams and build efficiencies to overhead, with a guiding metric of expanding upon margins. Further, we will explore acquiring additional "bolt-on" companies to inorganically grow.

Investment Profile

Below are high-level criteria we consider in guiding our investment decisions. We are open to opportunistic investments that do not necessarily fit the criteria in certain scenarios.


Company Profile


Financial Profile